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Our team of highly trained and experienced physiotherapists offers a broad spectrum of services and methods.  They are all members of the Health Practice Commission in the Cayman Islands. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to providing the highest level of service to help you determine the right treatment for your optimum health.  Our therapists are professional, friendly, and provide personalized, efficient care to a high standard. Our team is distinguished by their years of experience, the care and attention displayed in offering treatment for a wide variety of injuries and conditions that reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, and improve posture, strength and body mechanics, and function.  With each consultation, our physiotherapists will provide an in-depth assessment and explain in detail your course of treatment. Please take some time to read the personal profiles and experience for each of our physiotherapists.

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Ms. Vanessa Williams, Senior Physiotherapist

Vanessa graduated from the University of the West Indies in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy and has also completed other certifications which include, Kinesio Taping and Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy. She began her career at the May Pen Hospital in Jamaica. Since then, she has worked in physiotherapy departments in private and public hospitals as well as in private physiotherapy clinics. Her physiotherapy career has been varied and continues to evolve as she delivers compassionate and effective clinical and therapeutic services.  Ms. Williams is a generalist; however, she is also certified as an Aquatic Therapist and loves to utilize this modality in the rehabilitation and pre-hab treatment for her patients. 

She works well with patients of all ages and abilities and possesses excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Vanessa’s main focus is to utilize her strong knowledge base and experience to facilitate a dynamic therapy experience for all her patients, helping them to achieve their goals.

A member of the Rotaract Blue Cayman Islands, she is currently the Director of International Service for the 2014-2015 year. She is involved in many community service initiatives on the island.

Vanessa looks forward to meeting you to help you, "GET BACK TO BETTER AGAIN."

Vanessa Williams, Registered Physiotherapist in the Cayman Islands
Telephone: (345) 943-8700


Mr. Resean Reece, Physiotherapist

Introducing yours truly, Resean Reece, your friendly neighborhood Physiotherapist!  Born and raised in the Jamaican countryside, I was the average young lad not being certain about my future career path.   Having done my research, knowing that I had a passion for the Sciences and the great desire to help people, I chose physiotherapy.  After leaving high school, I moved to Kingston, where I studied for my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at the University of the West Indies.   I have gained vast and in-depth clinical experience both in the public sector and private rehab facilities. 

Tada! Here I am now, a new addition to The Physiotherapy Center Ltd.  Reflecting, I have appreciated the appropriate relationships I have developed with my colleagues and patients over the years and believe in working diligently to get the best out of my patients irrespective of their age or disability.  Each patient’s rehabilitation process is different, and I experience success when I see improvement in their functionality and, ultimately, the achievement of health and rehabilitation goals.   I am a generalist; however, my main area of interest is Neurological Physiotherapy.

I am grateful to be allowed to serve the Caymanian community, and I am happy to be a part of the professional family here at The Physiotherapy Center. I look forward to meeting with you to help you achieve a better state of health and wellbeing.

Mr. Sandeep Kumar Rajalevu Balachander,  Physiotherapist

I graduated with a Physiotherapy degree in India in 2002 and then acquired an M.Sc. in Sports and Health Sciences from the University of Exeter in the UK in 2006. As a Registered Physiotherapist with the Council of Professions Allied with Medicine in the Cayman Islands and with the Health and Care Professions Council in the UK, I bring over 14 years of experience in excellent patient care. I specialize in Neurological, Musculoskeletal, Geriatric, and Sports Injury related physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

I believe that adopting a patient-centric approach; to address and overcome illnesses and injuries that cause pain, discomfort and restrict movements in activities of daily living is the most effective way to achieve the best therapeutic solutions. I have had the opportunity to work with National level athletes and clubs in events such as swimming, track and field, and cricket to provide solutions for their injuries and return to sports. This has helped to widen my professional experience and offered me great insights into the different facets of this profession.

I am very passionate about Physiotherapy and realize the opportunity the profession provides in working with people from diverse backgrounds with various challenges. It is very important that I effectively communicate the plan of care to each patient, their family, and caregivers, enabling them to be active participants in the process of recovery.

My commitment to learning and assimilation of knowledge on an ongoing basis will help me leverage the latest information and tools available for my patients, thereby delivering the ultimate patient experience.




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