Mr. Resean Reece


Introducing yours truly, Resean Reece, your friendly neighborhood Physiotherapist!  Born and raised in the Jamaican countryside, I was the average young lad not being certain about my future career path.   Having done my research, knowing that I had a passion for the Sciences and the great desire to help people, I chose physiotherapy.  After leaving high school, I moved to Kingston, where I studied for my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy at the University of the West Indies.   I have gained vast and in-depth clinical experience both in the public sector and private rehab facilities.

Tada! Here I am now, a new addition to The Physiotherapy Center Ltd.  Reflecting, I have appreciated the appropriate relationships I have developed with my colleagues and patients over the years and believe in working diligently to get the best out of my patients irrespective of their age or disability.  Each patient’s rehabilitation process is different, and I experience success when I see improvement in their functionality and, ultimately, the achievement of health and rehabilitation goals.   I am a generalist; however, my main area of interest is Neurological Physiotherapy.

I am grateful to be allowed to serve the Caymanian community, and I am happy to be a part of the professional family here at The Physiotherapy Center. I look forward to meeting with you to help you achieve a better state of health and wellbeing.