Sports Assessment, Injury Recovery and Performance

The body of the competitive athlete is continually put under strain. Ideally, an athlete’s body should always be able to perform at optimal levels. This, however, is not always true. Due to the repetitive actions involved in certain sports, it is common to see the overuse of some muscles with subsequent underuse of others. This can often lead to injury if not attended to promptly.

In the case of the young athlete, it is even more important to identify any untoward issues as quickly as possible. Many young athletes have had to cease competing in sports they loved due to injuries. At times these injuries during their youth set them up for problems as adults. All athletes who are prepared mentally and physically will demonstrate a competitive edge and enjoy a lifetime of fitness.

Our team of physiotherapists has many years of experience working with athletes, and each one is qualified to treat your athletes. We will perform a complete assessment and provide solutions to supplement any existing strength and conditioning programs. A written evaluation will be provided as well. We hope to enable individual athletes and teams to maximize their physical performance. Our approach will be holistic, thus providing education about injury prevention, rehabilitation from injuries, and how to prevent future injuries.

Our physiotherapists have worked with athletes including:

  • Basketball players
  • Cyclists
  • Football players
  • Golfers
  • Kayakers
  • Martial Artists
  • Swimmers
  • Rugby players
  • Runners
  • Tennis
  • Track and field athletes
  • Triathletes

Our programs are designed to focus on building speed, strength, quick time responses, and endurance, specific to each sport. This will enable athletes to develop greater mobility and flexibility which will help to prevent injuries.

Our therapists will develop tailored programs for each athlete or scheduled group classes. In addition to an initial assessment our procedure will include a combination of the following:

  • Prehabilitation (a form of strength training that aims to prevent injuries before their actual occurrence)
  • Re-Education on movement control
  • Exercise Functional Rehabilitation
  • Mobilizations and Manipulations
  • Sports Massage
  • Electrotherapy

In addition, we will work with Sports Clubs/Organizations to create tailor-made packages which will include (but are not limited to) the following services:

  • Core stability workshops
  • Sports massages packages
  • Gait Analysis
  • Training weekends with Physiotherapy service

Our athletes matter…



Initial consultation and Treatment

Follow-up Appointment (adults)

Follow-up Appointment (juniors under 18 yrs.)

Sports Massage – shoulder, back or lower limb (30 mins.)

Sports Massage (45 mins.)

Sports Massage (1 hr.)


Group rates will be provided on request.