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The Physiotherapy Center Ltd. is an advanced rehabilitation clinic that creates a customized treatment plan to meet each patient’s unique medical needs. This clean 2,829 sq. ft. facility provides a tranquil atmosphere for rehabilitation.  Our physiotherapists utilize the most progressive treatment techniques and practices available Our services are cost-effective and we take pride in taking care of you to help you "GET BACK TO BETTER AGAIN."

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Company mission and vision

Our mission is to operate a clinic which provides physical therapy services in a caring, professional environment.  Our goal is to tailor each patient’s experience based on each doctor’s recommendations, our initial interview information, as well as provide ongoing feedback to the patients and treating physicians.  The Physiotherapy Center Ltd. is committed to providing an environment that emanates the highest quality care while leading the industry with state of the art equipment and an optimal quality of life for all.


  • Unsure whether physiotherapy is right for you? We provide 20-30 minute FREE consultations to determine whether physiotherapy is right for your condition.
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